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Founded as a partnership in 2015 and based in Glastonbury UK, Living Memory Software is all about development of high quality software for iOS and OS X. With our combined experience in the Electronic Music and TV industries we focus primarily on creative tools for artistic production.  A long history of developing for Apple based systems dating back to almost the earliest days of the Mac means we have a deep and intuitive understanding of the platform and the expectations of its users. While we will concentrate over time on releasing our own products, we are also open to collaboration with other well funded creative projects.

Andy Bull

For most of his career Andy has been a freelance software developer and a musician. 
As co-owner of a recording studio in the mid 80s, he was present at the birth of digital music production.  When MIDI first appeared there was no software to actually use with it and so Andy was beguiled into C programming. Becoming passionate about the field of digital production he parted company with the studio to study Music Technology at the LCF where one of his tutors was Tim Orr (EMS).   To pay for college he worked part time for Pandora Software where he developed applications to control various music equipments including Akai samplers. This led to Tim introducing Andy to David Cockerell (EMS, Electro-Harmonix) and Chris Hugget (Oxford Synthesiser Company, Novation), who at the time were working for Akai Professional EMI. They asked Andy to join the R&D team as a junior programmer and for several years he worked at Akai developing publicly released and in-house software for their range of electronic musical instruments. Around 2001, Andy independently developed an early desktop software synth (CellSynth) and became a freelance developer. Since then he has worked on many creative projects including a 3D visualiser for architects, an iPhone game and several years as senior engineer building a 3D engine on iOS for Touchpress Limited. Andy and partner Jan founded Living Memory Software in 2015 with the aim of creating some new and exciting tools for today’s electronic musicians.


Jan Deakin

Jan's career has largely been in administration latterly spending fifteen years in the independent television industry as a Production Manager. She line-managed many exciting projects, covering drama, arts, documentaries, music magazines and current affairs mainly transmitted by Channel Four and the BBC. Spending the first six years of her television career in Scotland as a Production Assistant, graduating to Production Manager and then the remaining years in London. Projects include: The Dressmaker, a feature film based on a Beryl Bainbridge book starring Billie Whitelaw, Joan Plowright and Jane Horrocks; Walkie-Talkie, a ten-part half-hour chat show on the move with Muriel Gray as host quizzing celebrity guests; Half the Picture, a drama documentary written by John McGrath about the arms to Iraq debacle with Sylvia Sims as Mrs Thatcher; In The Wild, one-hour celebrity safaris made by Tigress Productions and many arts documentaries for Wall to Wall television plus much more.

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